Investor FAQs

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Signature Bank plans to expand throughout the New York metropolitan area as appropriate, but the focus here is a "team first" approach. Signature Bank does not add a location until the right team(s) are identified.
Signature Bank caters to privately owned businesses and individuals with varying levels of revenue and/or wealth, respectively. In short, our clients are professionals who put service at a premium. At Signature Bank, clients are not categorized based on relationship size or product need.
Private client teams at Signature Bank serve as the single point of contact for clients. They consist of highly experienced professionals who are empowered by the Bank's management to conduct their practice to the maximum benefit of clients.
In the near future, the Bank's focus is clearly on the metro-New York area. This is warranted as we compete in the nation's largest market, by far, for both banking deposits and privately owned businesses (our target market).
The development period for newly recruited teams is typically one year; however, it should be noted that teams continue to prosper as they mature at Signature Bank.
They give a greater level of personal / business service because there are fewer clients per individual, and with no 'walk in' traffic there are no interruptions. Private Client Group team members have greater experience, and more authority to make decisions and deliver the organization's resources. They can also customize products to meet your needs.
As an affiliate of Signature Bank, Signature Securities provides full service brokerage and insurance. Signature Securities offers all the same services as any fully licensed / full service brokerage firm or insurance agency. From the start, Signature Securities Group has been fully integrated into the bank, which allows us to address all your financial needs.